Bailiff at my door with a warrant for someone else debt

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Bailiff at my door with a warrant for someone else debt

Post by fefeshadowfire » 02 Aug 2016 00:23

Yesterday morning around 8.30 am two bailiffs showed up at my door they asked for my brother , I told them he does not live at my address and never has lived here , My brother is homeless and used my address as a care of address any letters that came for my brother always had c/o in front of the address , I refuse to have him living with me as he takes drugs and I'm a single mom with 3 children and in the past i had allowed him to kip on my sofa and he stole from me so he's no longer aloud at my address and the letters have just stopped this last few months and i have not heard from him now i explained this to the bailiffs but they did not care they are from marston holdings and they handed me a removal notice which on it as my brothers name the debt he owes and were its from hmcts devon and cornwall and they have a warrant to take my stuff and it has on it printed they use a locksmith to brake in my home if this matter is not sorted now i live in cheshire so getting bailiffs from devon kinda blown me back abit as i never heard of these bailiffs before so basically what i am asking is what do I do the tenacy is in my name the bills are in my name i emailed them and it states to send two utility bills but the the men who came to my door stated it does not matter if they don't hear from him and he provides a address he lives at they are coming back here to take everything as I am his sister and must have a way to contact him which I don't please help

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Re: Bailiff at my door with a warrant for someone else debt

Post by Schedule 12 » 12 Aug 2016 09:59

If the debtor does not live there then this applies: ... e-away.htm
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