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Post by Littleme » 17 Sep 2016 08:35

Please could someone help me I got a letter to pay 794 I have paid most of it I now owe 122 I pay a 100 a week and my next pay ment is due next Friday were am going to clean the bill but he is demanding I pay it now or he sending it back to court what can I do

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Re: Bailiff

Post by Michelle » 17 Sep 2016 09:52

Can you tell us what debt they are chasing, is it a Magistrates' Court fine?

Who is chasing you? Can you tell us the name of the company?

Would be helpful if you could post up a redacted copy of the letter, removing or obscuring your personal details.
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Re: Bailiff

Post by Schedule 12 » 18 Sep 2016 16:18

Run this checklist and tell is what is trumps up. ... p?id=22905
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