Sheila Harding Lying Again

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Post by JimUk1 » 27 Oct 2017 08:38

I would suspect that UB & LFI are as sick to death of the woman as we are and both appear to ignore her, preferring to post occasionally when they feel their input may be helpful.

Advice forums are generally outdated and in the main, nobody of any worthwhile value offers input these days, CAG is full of people like Harding and her chimp who are desperate to pretend to be something that they are not.

CAG is overrun with click on adverts and "valued members" are those who post regularly, regardless of the quality contained within their posts. The general quality of information given out appears to be poor and rarely gets down to the nitty gritty that the OP had hoped.

The forum owner, Marc Gander also uses the forum as a platform to sell his "handbook", Gander has previously stated that the book is really designed for those who haven't found the forum yet appears happy to still flog it to unsuspecting visitors to the site. The reason for doing so can only be by way of a motivation to make more money, despite the book being useless to people who are using the forum.

The best example I can use to show CAG in its true light comes ironically from a bailiff. The bailiff in question made the best comment on there that I've seen in a long time. He called DX100 a clueless little troll. Needless to say the quote was deleted, we all know that they don't like the truth being ousted over there do they?

It is also noteworthy that nobody has had the common decency to correct the chimp's misinformation about a new LO being required. This silly guess was of course ridiculous and if he actually thought about it first, even he may have been able to work out that the time and cost in doing so would be horrific, given the sheer quantity of backdated claims. The poor OP is using the argument that a new LO is required as the basis of her complaint. To me, this is far more serious than Harding's misinformation because it has effected the OP directly.
Dodgeball: As the discerning viewer will realise , I was aware of the mistake in the reply when I posted it

:lol: Of course you were Dodgeball - It was purely coincidence that you only mentioned it after it had been pointed out to you on here.

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