EAs behaviour - under the spotlight?

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#1 EAs behaviour - under the spotlight?

Post by Edd » 20 Nov 2017 21:27

Whilst we accept that social media is what it is...this clip reveals a fair bit nonetheless.


We can only go by similar footage, however it makes for pretty uncomfortable viewing. And yet, they (or similar) are allegedly allowed to carry on regardless.....setting a good example? Are they above the law? (Two wrongs seldom make a right, right?)

Make your own minds up.

Ps., maybe this one could remain 'sticky' just to highlight how some companies agents operate? Anyone perhaps feeling alarmed or potentially distressed could be possibly reminded of the fact that these bods are not worth it. Or, not if this type of behaviour is seemingly condoned ..... Until at least such time there's proper change.

And maybe just maybe a more civilised approach beckons.

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#2 Re: EAs behaviour - under the spotlight?

Post by Schedule 12 » 20 Nov 2017 23:10

I've seen much worse this week alone. One bailiff was caught on camera taken behind a closed door telling a single mum to go and unfuck yourself!

Another bailiff towed a car to an auction premises only for it be stolen a within hours when its tracker reported movement heading down the M2.

The case where a clients car was flashed by a congestion charge was actually aboard a tow truck, and not being driven as originally suspected. The client named the bailiff to be the driver and gave a copy of the notice of immobilisation in evidence. Not sure how TFL will go about recovering that.

Another client paid the debt and got his car back from an auction company and discovered it now has a different engine and broken lights (possibly swapped).

Got an injunction to recover a Bentley sports car. The client was a hire car company and a hirer incurred PCN's and the hire company didn't complete the NTO. While out on another hire, it was ANPR lifted. The warrant had the wrong address. The car has damaged paintwork, not on the hire condition report. Only the bailiff's bodycam footage can exonerate the bailiff company from liability. Stratstone's bill wont leave any change of £20K
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