Marston Bailiff towed away my car

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Re: Marston Bailiff towed away my car

Post by web2018 » 03 Apr 2018 17:18

Thank you Jason. I contacted the number you gave and Lady on the other side straight away confirmed location where vehicle is and that i can pay and get the release documents sent to compound. I dont need to speak with enforcement agent who towed the car away. When I asked why it took 5 hours to get this information? Why didn't the people i spoke with earlier didn't give me thus information and kept telling me i need to speak with enforcement agent who was not taking my call or answering messages. She said you need to complain to the release department.

It has been very stressful day. I took day off from work to get the car released but ended up spending almost 6 hours on the phone.

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Re: Marston Bailiff towed away my car

Post by Schedule 12 » 03 Apr 2018 20:07

DO NOT make any complaints to a bailiff company. They will mess you about.

Decide what redress you want from them, set a deadline, then start the show.

The bailiff company can 'investigate' itself in its own time.
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Re: Marston Bailiff towed away my car

Post by Pote Snitkin » 03 Apr 2018 22:00

Schedule 12 wrote:
03 Apr 2018 16:50
Their notice fails on Paragraph 34(4) of Schedule 12 because it does not give the address they took the vehicle, and the cost of storage is missing.
You should add the regs that it refers to - TCG2013 (30-32).

It doesn't say the address of the storage is required, but it does say the storage rates are needed.
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