Urgent advice needed: DCBL issue debt recovery plus ccj over parking charges by Excel

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Urgent advice needed: DCBL issue debt recovery plus ccj over parking charges by Excel

Post by zaf100 » 30 Mar 2018 18:03


I have received a 'Notice of Debt Recovery' letter from DCBL which states 'Your overdue amount of £269.48 due to Excel Parking Serviced ltd in relation to Count court judgement number xxxxxxxx has now been passed to DCB to recover the debt on their behalf. it also mentions about a further admin charge of £75 plus VAT.

I don't recall receiving any CCJ so not sure how they are referencing a CCJ number in this letter, which suggests somehow a CCJ has been issued. I have been reading forums where the advise is to ignore these letters but now I am concerned especially considering the CCJ number they have included in this letter which feels like a CCJ has been issued :(

Please advise what I should do? Should I pay the outstanding amount? Should I be ignore everyting? Or should I be contacting the court? I'm really concerned if this is continues to get worse and I end up having to pay far more.

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Re: Urgent advice needed: DCBL issue debt recovery plus ccj over parking charges by Excel

Post by Schedule 12 » 30 Mar 2018 18:26

I'm getting word from the industry sources that DCBL is buying up private parking ticket debts and assigning the right to recover them. This is a regulated activity and neither the company nor any directors are FCA regulated for the purpose of debt re-assignment. Please do not attempt to defend a judgment on these grounds until I have consulted a higher authority.

It's just that I recently had a client instructing to have a detailed assessment hearing to examine DCBLs fees after they went completely bonkers with them. It landed the claimant a big bill. It turned out the claimant had sold the debt to a debt purchaser that instructed DCBL. It was very unfortunate for the original claimant having to pay a costs order after believing that selling the debt would be the end of the matter.

If you have a CCJ you did not know about then you apply to the court on a form N244 and apply to set aside the judgment under Part 27.11(3). You need to show evidence why you did not know about the proceedings, e.g. you changed address or worked abroad etc, and have a realistic chance of defending the claim. If you do now know the grounds of the claim, then your application stands on the basis that the creditor and the grounds of the claim are not known to you.

The will unwind the whole claim and put the bailiffs and their fees to bed. The court will re-list the claim for a new hearing where you can defend it.

Your defence for a private parking ticket can be that you are not the driver and do not know the name of the driver.

Unlike statutory parking tickets under section 172, liability for private parking charges does not pass to the keeper if he does not know the driver.
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Re: Urgent advice needed: DCBL issue debt recovery plus ccj over parking charges by Excel

Post by Pote Snitkin » 31 Mar 2018 16:29

If this is a CCJ then DCBL are NOT acting in the capacity of a bailiff - CCJ's under £600 can only be enforced by a County Court bailiff. DCBL are acting here as mere debt collectors, with no powers.

You can check if you have a CCJ here > https://www.trustonline.org.uk/understa ... e-register
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