courts mess up

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courts mess up

Post by towtruckmark » 06 Apr 2018 09:57

i received a summons from bristol magistrates and dealt with it instantly i phoned the court and explained that i was in and out of hospital and on strong medication at the moment and not allowed to drive so elle thomas from hmrc suggested i send in the paperwork outlineing your plea with a covering letter explaining why you cant appear at bristol which i did then boom dealt with in my abcence i phoned elle and asked whats going on she said sorry and asked me to email her any docs that i have this was her reply
Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your email.

I have been in correspondence with a Legal Advisor in regards to dealing with your case.

We can put it forward for a re-opening, however as you have requested it to be heard at Southampton Magistrates' Court we are currently waiting on response to see if Southampton and your prosecutors are able to accept the transfer.
We will be in contact again once we know the outcome of this enquiry.

Kind Regards,
Elle Thomas
Admin Officer
HMCTS Bristol Magistrates' Court Bristol BS1 3NU

that was the last i heard untill the dreadful man from marstons turned up demanding payment another story see my other post
with the help of you guys they went away
marstons said the bailiff was acting in good faith even though the case was being supposedly reopened.
the magistrate refused to reopen the case and have now applied for an out of time to the crown but the time runs out on the 11 of april that the court told the bailliff to hold off till not sure what else to do

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Re: courts mess up

Post by Schedule 12 » 06 Apr 2018 15:29

How are you expected to enter a plea when the court hasn't said what you are accused of.

If the court wants to re-try the information against you, you must be given a SUMMONS.

Anything else, you can bin it.
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